Yeah, yeah, yeah, greatest hits comps are usually shat upon, but seriously, Half Japanese’s two and a half hour compilation is pretty much essential if you’re looking to start somewhere with them.

With a band that had a huge discography and an even larger range of styles, best to begin here. (Though, if you NEED to hear a proper album first, Charmed Life or Fire in the Sky are my favorites.)

Seriously one of the best bands ever to exist, in my opinion. Super adorable and punk as fuck all at once. What more can you ask for?

Elizabeth Price talks about her piece Choir, for which she won the 2012 Turner Prize.

She was also a member of Talulah Gosh, and my brain melted when I learned that.

Interview: Sleuth


Hi lovers! Here at Fallen Love headquarters we’ve decided to start interviewing some people, places, and things that we adore in order to shine a spotlight on this wonderful pop planet. We’ll be posting all those interviews right here regularly for your enjoyment.


Sleuth are an indiepop…

In which I say, “Yeah,” a lot.

On Team Fortress 2, there’s these things called sprays. Basically, in the game, you can put any image you want into it and spray it onto a wall in the level and other players can see it. Like graffiti tags, basically.

I saw quite a few sprays that were pro-Zimmerman image macros, and they made me want to uninstall the game, erase my computer, burn my computer in a large fire and then move to the middle of nowhere so I won’t have to interact with anyone anymore.

CONSTANTLY on repeat.

My friend from Kelowna’s in town and he invited me to hang out with him.

Sounds cool, until I just phoned him now to confirm and discovered he’s already drunk and he’s hanging out with people that I don’t know that I’ll have to ~introduce~ myself to.

Wish me luck.

(I know I shat on Coachella not too long ago, but the best record store day experience I’ve ever had was flipping through the RSD-only vinyl at the air-conditioned tent there. And when I turned my head to the left, LCD Soundsystem was playing a set, which is the perfect band for that kind of experience.)

Oops, record store day starts in 20 minutes. I’m just going to plug my ears and yell, “la, la, la” for the next 24 hours.

I’m supposed to be either:

a) Working on data entry.

b) Working on editing a short film.

What I’m doing is:

c) “Working” on Advance Wars to up my turn-based strategy game skills.